Senior System Artificial Intelligence,  

My name is Steven Hughes and have been involved in the Engineered Systems Market for almost 30 years. The purpose of this web page is to present an Artificial Intelligence System for interaction with seniors, staff, family, friends, doctors, etc. In addition, your feedback after reading this would be greatly appreciated.


My idea in designing a system came after my 95 year old grandfather Robert Benfer passed away in 2014 at the  Madison Estates a senior living facility in San Antonio, TX. He and my grandmother had lived there for almost 6 years.  Our grandmother passed away 4 years before him.  

During the last 6 months of my grandfather’s life he slowly started to succumb to kidney disease. He was adamant about not going into a Nursing Home. His son and daughter (my Mom) both lived out of state. My employer sold the company and during this hiatus, I decided to go live with my grandfather.  We only lived 30 minutes away so it wasn’t too inconvenient and decided to install I.P. cameras so he could be monitored.  

Working with the Madison staff and other personnel (meal delivery, laundry service, restroom and showering, doctors and finally hospice) he never had to go into a nursing home.  A key to the development of this system was the interactions and difficulties end of life seniors face.  It was apparent how an engineered system would have benefited my grandfather, the Madison Estates and all parties which connected with him. Efficiency and quality of life would have been greatly enhanced.

My grandfather was a Captain of the San Antonio Police Department. He was head of security for John F. Kennedy when he visited San Antonio the day before he was assassinated in Dallas. He was the liaison to Lyndon Johnsons’ security since his home was in Johnson City and San Antonio was the nearest major city. He worked with the city’s Mayor when the World’s Fair came in 1968. He helped design one of the 1st Modern Police Training Academies in the United States and numerous other stories. As you can see, he was a man of distinction and success.

One of the saddest and preventable segments of aging is loneliness, confidence and the feeling of purpose. Not just interaction with other people, but contact with society. Slowly having fewer new experiences, new stories to tell, laughs etc.… Apparent is the decline in respect seniors get from doctors, family, and the outside world.  Inadvertently most phone calls he received from family would start and end with doctor visit questions, how are you feeling, when do you find out the test results, etc... Most calls weren’t about life but how long he had to live it. After researching some of the effects of aging I put together a short video called The Science of Happiness.

My background is working with Universities, K-12, Senior Facilities, Govt., Business, etc.… Systems included were Security, CCTV, Professional Sound, Intercom, Life Safety, Nurse Call, etc.  In addition, I designed and implemented computer systems, though it was not part of my job description. I built network systems such as raid servers, firewalls, and software setup. I would convert PC Laptops into MacBook’s as a hobby.  I created marketing  videos, literature and system training videos  to enhance promotion of the company. My first computer was using a Commodore 64 as a terminal and 300 baud modem, which was connected to Southern Illinois Universities Main Frame to print out punch cards to run on site. One of my first jobs was at a computer software store called Software-To-Go in St. Louis in the early 80’s. It was when the Apple II was the standard and Microsoft Operating System (MS-DOS) was on IBM PC’s and developing software for this new computer was just starting. The main game we sold was Microsoft Flight Simulator, but I digress.

My brother James Hughes (CIO of Everbank) went to a meeting where Bill Gates was the guest in the 90’s and before the iPhone or tablet were even in production, Gates stated that the next technology was going to be smaller and could fit in the hand. If I’m not mistaken this was around the time Microsoft was bailing out Apple so it may have been from based on information of what Jobs was working on. While he was right as we see today, it is still just a smaller PC.

Outline of the system design:

It is intended for a higher quality of life for all seniors and the disabled to provide advanced communication and interaction with loved ones, friends, medical and assisted living facilities. Taking it a step further it could be put in every home, business, school, university etc... I do realize there are numerous systems out there including products like the Zenbo Robot. While these are creative and useful, I think we can dig much deeper. CPU, Screen, Video Processor, Ram, Storage, Wireless Network, and eventually Bluetooth. This is still the standard used today whether it be a Workstation or Smart Phone. Google glasses, VR, and MS Halo lens are starting to develop. 

The new system would be a mesh network server, cloud server, video server, laptop, tablet, VR Server, etc.  Reverse screen mirroring (connect video from system to laptop, phone, tablet, etc.… It would have redundant systems with multiple drives (raid setup) so it would never go down even while upgrading or hardware failure. It would include Networking (Router MU-MIMO) and Wireless AC, TDLS (Tunnel Direct Link Setup) to communicate with others on the network.  With multiple systems and MAC addressing, it would be much more secure writing Algorithms for complex MAC addressing.  It would have a Live Graphical User Interface (GUI) which could switch and easily change while adapting to what works. Unlike Android, MAC, Windows you all the devices could be updated with no down time.  It could be used to create beta and then revert back to the original system.

The system is built to allow a user to put down their phone or tablet. 

I believe working with medical, psychiatric professionals and universities in developing The Science of Happiness system is crucial. The Key is also Making it is less about them learning how to use a computer. But how a computer learns from them and thus constantly improving the product.

Here is a brief outline and much of the software and hardware are already available.  

1.      Ease of use in monitoring where a person goes and what they do. AI Neural Network Learning System. Operation just by voice and some touch.

a.       Recognize the individual and activities

b.      Voice

2.      Interact with resident not just follow commands

a.       Hal 9000

3.      Movement and Tracking – From Any Computer on System

a.       Know when they have left the room

                                                              i.      Automatically lock door

b.      Know when they enter the room

                                                              i.      Automatically unlock door with permitted entry

                                                            ii.      Communicate any events or Messages

c.       Notify them of a Guest entering the building

d.      Communicate and view front door

e.       Health Tracking

f.        Detect duress or need help

                                                              i.      Check Breathing

                                                            ii.      Check Heart-rate

                                                          iii.      Fall Risk

g.      911 integration

                                                              i.      Allow first responders to communicate with them

1.      Display health information on system when entering the room

2.      Communicate with doctors and/or Family

h.      Device integration

                                                              i.      Body Temperature Integration

                                                            ii.      Blood Pressure

                                                          iii.      Scale Etc.

                                                          iv.      Communicate with doctors and/or Family as needed

i.        Give reminders to check information

j.        Eyes

k.      Body 3D

l.        Hardware – Wireless

m.    Dressed or not

n.      Know schedule of repeated events

o.      Learn living habits and emotions

p.      Communications with contacts

                                                              i.      Video Direct

                                                            ii.      Integration into Television

1.      Synchronize Video with family or others

a.       Watch Sports

b.      Watch TV or Movie

                                                          iii.      Video Intercom

                                                          iv.      Communicate with multiple parties

q.      Communicate with Staff and Service Personnel

r.        Seniors when to take medicine if needed

                                                              i.      Determine amount left

                                                            ii.      Verify amount taken

s.       What makes them happy

t.        What makes them stressed

u.      Determine others on Network who have the same interests

4.      Systems Function

a.       Display bulletin board in room – Mounted on wall or desk or bedroom

b.      doctors’ Appointments

c.       Weather

d.      Play music by likes

e.       News

                                                              i.      Local

                                                            ii.      From their Hometown

                                                          iii.      From their Family and Friends

                                                          iv.      Favorite News

f.        Meals

                                                              i.      Able to special order if needed for room

g.      Activities or events

                                                              i.      Shopping Trips

                                                            ii.      Movie Night

                                                          iii.      Contact birthday

                                                          iv.      Interaction with others

h.      Biography for Others to know

5.      Play Games

a.       Bingo

b.      Poker

c.       Backgammon

d.      Checkers

e.       Dominos

f.        Video

g.      VR

6.      Watch live events (weddings, grandkids sports, graduations, vacation, etc.)

7.      Secure online shopping


This is just a brief description of a just part of the system. The System itself would be not a typical pc, but a set of multiple integrated into one. Serving multiple functions with the ability to never reboot, redundancy, integrate as small server, hackproof, internet speeds of a gigabit on 50 MB internet connection by creating a Mesh Topology. PC’s getting smaller and faster allow exponential design capabilities. Finally, I forgot to mention you can be anywhere in the building and use any system in any room like it was their own. Show family pictures, movies, notifications, etc.…

Finally, as mentioned Seniors often face prejudice just because they are old. Wouldn’t it be incredible if part of the video communications could get a younger photo and integrate it so you would talk to them as if they were in their prime?  Would take some AI Audio Modulation, but it could be remarkable.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you find it interesting. Looking forward to any feedback you might have.


Thank You


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