1)     Computer/Server Hardware and Software Knowledge. 

a)      Systems

i)        Install and/or replace Motherboards, Ram, GPUs, Processors, Cooling Systems, Drives, and Power Supplies etc.

ii)       Installed and setup Dos, Linux, Windows 3.1 thru Window 10 and Mac OSX.

iii)     File Systems, compression, formats, extensions.

b)     Build, repair and upgrade Servers, Desktops, Laptops, and Cell Phone.

i)        My home system is a Modified Dual Raid - Dual Xeon (8 Core) T7400 Dell Workstation

ii)       Install SonicWALL NSA 3600 Firewall

iii)     Setup T1 Fiber Line to Office.

iv)     Built numerous computers/servers.

v)       Setup Raid Hard Drives on servers and desktops

vi)     Retrieve data on dead or deleted drives.

vii)   Repair hard drive (undelete partitions, repair, firmware upgrade)

viii)  Complete Wipe of Drive with DBAN no recovery of data.

ix)     Video configuration

(1)    DisplayPort

(2)    HDMI

(3)    VGA

(4)    DVI

x)       Troubleshoot system for errors (Ram, HD, GPUs, Motherboard, Processor, PS, etc.)

xi)     Update Bios and Firmware

xii)   Install Memory Risers on Servers

xiii)  Installed and configured Apple OSX on Dell and Lenovo Notebooks. They are essentially MacBooks.

xiv)  Setup Workstation Dual Boot with Windows 8 and Apple OSX. No virtualization.

xv)    Design and Build Server Racks

xvi)  Analyze Features, Cost and Purchasing Equipment

c)      Software 

i)        Video   

(1)    Video Marketing

(a)    http://www.steven-hughes.com/play-all.html

(b)    Green Screening

(c)     Audio Syncing

(d)    Premiere Pro CC CC 2017

(e)    After Effects CC CC 2017

(2)    Adobe Audition CC CC 2017

(3)    Video Compression (Codecs and newer technologies)

(a)    Adobe Media Encoder CC CC 2017

(b)    H.264 Standard

(c)     VP9 (Googles New Compression i.e. YouTube) and Free

(d)    H.265 or HVEC (Upgrade from H.264) 

ii)       Marketing and Design Software

(1)    Adobe Photoshop CC CC 2017

(2)    Adobe InDesign CC CC 2017

(3)    Adobe InCopy CC CC 2017

(4)    Adobe Illustrator CC CC 2017

iii)     Setup Server (Outlook) Email System

(1)    Configure individual Systems

(2)    Setup server Spam Detection and Rules

iv)     Setup and/or change Windows Services for computer speed and reliability.

v)       Setup VMARE, Hyper-V and Virtual Box on systems to test software and operating systems before installing

or if I need to run a driver or software not compatible with the current system (older HP Plotters drivers dont work with newer OSs.)

vi)     Microsoft

(1)    Office (Version 95 to 2016 and 365)

(2)    Email

(3)    Beta Tester

(4)    Microsoft MS-Dos

(5)    Windows (1.0 to 10)

(a)    Ive been an Insider Windows 10 for almost 2 years on Laptops and Workstation

(6)    Windows Server 2008

(7)    Microsoft Azure Cloud

(8)    Installing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview on Hyper V-2.

(9)    Web Design

(a)    www.steven-hughes.com

(b)    Mobile

(c)     Desktop (Browser Integration)

(i)      IE

(ii)    Firefox

(iii)   Chrome

(iv)   Safari

(v)    Edge

(d)    Domain Purchasing and Setup

(i)      TLD

(e)    Cloud Integration

d)     Programming

i)        Object Oriented System and Database Design and Flow Chart Design (Pseudocode)

ii)       PL1

iii)     C (Hexadecimal)

iv)     Fortran

e)      Industry Related

i)        Setup AES-Intelligent long range wireless throughout San Antonio.

ii)       Setup and Program IP Camera Systems

iii)     Setup and Program Access Control

iv)     Install and Program Fire Alarm System

v)       Program Numerous Security System

(1)    DSC

(2)    Napco

(3)    Ademco Vista

(4)    Radionics (Now Bosch)

vi)     Fire Alarm Systems

(1)    Fire Alarm Planning Superintendent (Nicet III)

(2)    Simplex

(3)    Notifier (Distributor)

(4)    Honeywell

(5)    Fire-Lite

(6)    Numerous others.

vii)   Takeoff and Estimating Software

(1)    OST

I have been in the security industry for almost 30 years and have broad knowledge of Marketing, Purchasing, Design, Installation and Service.

 I also understand the relationship of Computer Systems and integration to the Electronic Systems Industry. 

Please request contacts.

Thank You,

Steven Hughes